Beating Slot Machines

Beating Slot Machines

Want to learn the secrets to beating slot machines both in the online and land-based worlds? We don’t claim to have the holy grail of slot machine gambling in our possession but we can offer you a few tips that can help you in your quest to beat the slots. For sure you should try the OnlineSlotsGame.Net free slot machine. With a payback percentage of over 100%, it’s a good start at developing the skills necessary for beating slot machines on a regular basis. Hopefully it won’t cause a fall sense of security for you, but it sure is fun!

Money management – know your limits, stick to your budget, don’t spend what you don’t have, stick to a particular machine if you can’t stop winning at it and take a break or move on to another machine if you find that you’re not winning at all.

Know the payback table – every slot machine’s payback table is different, so read and understand it properly before you start to play. This is likely to prevent potential disappointments or misunderstandings that might arise as you win or lose. Beating slot machines starts with being smart and understanding what exactly you’re getting yourself into.

Play max coins – while not a hard and fast rule, usually and especially with regard to progressives, making the max bet possible will obviously give you more return for a hit than if you’d bet only one or two coins. It’s a safe bet to play max coins on progressives all the time though. Play smart, give yourself the best odds and you stand a good chance of beating the slot machines for sure.

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For beating the slot machines online, our advice here would be to snoop around to try and find out which casinos have got good payout percentages on their slots; but not only that, you should play at those casinos that have been firmly established online for awhile now and which have a record of good customer service and fast payouts to winners. The Vegas Red is highly rated for the previously mentioned criteria, so try their software at your own leisure. They offer the option to play for fun or to play for real money if you like their feel and vibe.

777 Slots

Feeling Lucky? You can’t go wrong with Online Slots 1′ 777 Slots! The Triple Seven symbol is WILD! OnlineSlotsGame.Net’ 777 Slot Machine has got three wheels, a single pay line and a payback percentage that would make you a millionaire if you could play it for real money. When all three 7’s are aligned on the pay line, if you had bet one, you win 1,000 points, bet 2 and you’d win 2,000 points and if you’d bet three, you’d be a whole 5,000 points richer. Not impossible either, our 777 slots are here for free fun with an amazing pay back percentage of over 100%!

Our Triple Seven Slots game is basically a new and online variation of a tried-and-true classic – the Red, White & Blue spinning reel game that’s popular in so many casinos across the states. Not all of us can afford to hop on a plane to Vegas or Atlantic City whenever we feel the urge, so why not play 777’s online. The game is fast, realistic and a sure guarantee of hours of fun.

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To play 777 slots for real money, check out the Grand Online Casino‘s Fabulous 7’s game.

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